6 Takeaways I got from the Spartan race

6 takeaways I got from the Spartan Race

This is how I, a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach assessed yesterday's Spartan race:

1. Know your priorities.

I could have trained / prepared for this better but I have other priorities like work, family time, vacations, and some r&r. As long as I don't waste time and don't do things that slow me down from my goals, I am totally fine with the choices I’ve made.

Work and some other personal events were more important for me than training for the race and I paid for it during and after the race - ouch! But I’m mature enough to recognize that and learn from it. We all have to pay a price to gain that prize!

2. Your tribe sets the vibe.

I didn’t notice a person on their own during registration, not one. I’m sure there were a few soloist but this race is definitely a group event. I would have not registered if my friend told me to join them. This was never on my radar. I have other priorities in my life. I'm super glad I did this and I'm looking to doing better at the next race. Aroo bitches!!

3. Accountability.

I would have stopped a lot sooner if it weren’t for the end goal (crossing the finish line) and for peer pressure from fellow Spartans. Those two big things made a huge difference. Having a goal and the right support system / environment will help you stay focused and stop you from quitting.

4. Form over force.

It’s not all about brute strength and determination but technique, pacing, and finesse. Just as it is in life, it's not just forcing your way until you get what you want but composing yourself. It's not what you say or do but how you say or do it.

5. Physical and mental bodies are inseparable.

This is as much mental as it is physical. You can’t be physically fit without mental toughness.

6. Pre and post nutrition & some rest & recovery.

The right meal and enough sleep the night before the early morning race gives you sustained fuel while a post workout meal, supplements, and foam rolling for a speedy recovery are essential.

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