Don’t mistake busy for productivity

Everyone is busy. Busy with work, family, social events. Busy is such a buzz word. 
I don’t believe in busy. I take it with a grain of salt. I know a lot of people busy picking their nose, scratching their balls (including women), or Netflix binging.


When clients tell me they are busy with their lives, manage to get a workout in, and eat clean, I can respect that. But if they are busy and packed with activities every single day and can’t seem to see results, I tell my clients to reassess their program.

Busy doesn’t always translate to results. This is why I always tell my clients to start their exercise, diet, and lifestyle program with a baseline assessment. After that, I highly recommend reassessing every four weeks to see if the program is working as good as expected, to see what is slowing them down and what can be done to change that, and to improve on their successes.

So I ask you today, have you been busy since the start of 2019? Are you busy and overwhelmed yet seeing no results? I know too many people like that. 

I know people who are busy with growing their business and yet still losing money and I know people who aren’t at all busy with their own business yet making a ton of money because they hired the right people to manage their financial wealth. Are you the former or latter when it come to your physical health? Sometimes it’s not how many things you have to do or can do but it’s a matter of prioritizing what is important.


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