How to start your fitness journey

Start your fitness journey right. Here are some tips I’ve learned in over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach. The way you start makes a big difference! And what perfect time to start in the new year, and what perfect time to plan then now, a few weeks before January.

Think of going on a road trip with the destination in mind but you’ve never been there. Maybe only hear about it from people who’ve been to the promise land. You have no map, you don’t know how much gas money you need, you never checked your tire pressure, your engine and if it needs maintenance. You don’t have your phone with you, no map, just you and the road.

Do you think you will get to your goal if you don’t plan properly? They say a minute of planning saves you three minutes of doing. Imagine that magnified, a day of planning saves you three days of doing. I like the saying from Jeffrey Duhmur and how it applies to this topic, “Measure twice, cut once.”

So I hope you use this information wisely and plan accordingly. To get more information of this like infographics please click this to Sign up to our mailing list.

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