Is it true, that abs are made in the kitchen?

They say abs are built in the kitchen. They also say getting your dream body is 80% diet and 20% fitness.

First of all, who is this they, right? Second, I don’t think that’s 100% accurate but the idea is correct. As a personal trainer, I say a majority of results is from eating clean and the rest is from training dirty.

You can’t just eat cupcakes all day and expect to burn that at the gym. First, a calorie from a cupcake is not the same as a calorie from organically grown fruits and vegetables. A calorie is a unit of energy and if you’re ingesting dirty energy, it’s like filling up your Maserati with diesel fuel. It just won’t work.

Second, the food you eat rebuilds your body from a long stressful day of work and from the hard workout you just gave it. So the food you eat are the building blocks of your body. Think of your body as a castle. You can either make your caste out of sand or bricks and mortar. Stress is like waves on the beach front. If you’re a sand castle by the beach, it;s only a matter of time before you breakdown (injuries) versus being a brick and mortar castle that will last for centuries.

So let me help you eat cleaner, avoid stress eating and avoid giving into cravings by engineering your environment. It all starts in your home, in your kitchen, in what you stock yourself with the type of ammunition you need to go to war. I’m sure you’d want to sharpen your axe before chopping down trees instead of hacking at a tree trunk for hours with a dull blade.

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