Why everyone needs a customized exercise program

I see too many people just following exercise routines that they find online or some new app but many of them aren’t customized for your 

1. Current fitness level
2. Fitness goals
3. Nutritional needs
4. Lifestyle habits
5. Sleep patterns
6. Posture
7. Injuries / limitations

All of which are unique to everyone. I get it, you want a flat stomach, leaner arms, toner legs, etc. but just working on a certain muscle doesn’t mean you’ll burn the fat there. That’s called spot reduction - more crunches doesn’t mean more belly fat burnt! 

Yes, you can gain lean muscle in the area you’re working on but it also means it’s tightening or shortening that muscle, which in turn modifies your posture. If you keep doing crunches, you basically bring the ribs to your pelvis, which makes you stand less erect.

If you keep working your chest, you pull your shoulders forward and closer to your chest, which is worse for your posture. You look tighter and less confident without your chest out.

For today’s tip, customize your exercise program based on your current posture. Then consider how many workouts a week you can consistently follow based on your lifestyle habits. Intensity and duration of your workouts should also correspond to how much sleep / recovery you get and how much nutritionist you get from your diet (or lack thereof from a poor diet).

These are just the basics. If you feel lost or overwhelmed, I suggest booking a consultation today so I can further explain this. Or feel free to download my webinar on how to customize an exercise program for yourself. 


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