Proper Rest and Recovery for Work, Workouts, and Life

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Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Do you toss and turn all night? Wake up couple of hours? Do you have insomnia? Do you sleep more than 8 hours but yet wake up feeling tired? Do you want get more sleep? Not just quantity but quality sleep?

The social stigma of sleep is that it’s for the weak. There’s nothing further from the truth. You get weaker if you lack sleep. You gain so much strength, focus, and energy when you get quality rest. Think of a power nap. You feel better after that restful event. Think about mini breaks from work. You’re more efficient when you get back to work. Other benefits include less sweet cravings, less binging, less caffeine dependence

It’s like never recharging your phone. Every so often, you do a hard reset on your smartphone so it functions better. Why can’t you do the same for your body? Some people just don’t know better and this is what this article will help you do.

You’ll learn how to avoid stimulants, improve your sleep routines, take food, supplements, vitamins that help you sleep better at night, and even track the quality of your sleep with apps, and a whole bunch more.

Remember, exercise makes you weaker - that's why you feel sore the next day - but proper rest and recovery makes you stronger for the next workout. 

This 25 minute webinar is loaded with straight to the point tips and tools.