The Hierarchy of Fitness

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Learn how to properly progress through the four stages of fitness - where and how to start. This will help prevent future injuries because you're following the natural progress. Infants start with crawling, then move on to balancing on both legs, then walking, then running.

You don't just start running as soon as you're out of the womb! But most people skip through the basics because they think more complex exercises will bring faster results. You first need to learn the basics no matter what.

Once you move up on every level, you see and feel more results! Pain free! This is because you avoided injuries by choosing the natural progression of fitness, then move on to the more advanced methods.

Because of this, you build momentum. It slow at the start but once you start moving, it gets easier and easier to move. Less effort for the same amount of work.

There are a lot of people who don't start with the foundations of fitness. Are you one of them? Imagine a building without a solid foundation! Would you ever step foot in that structure?

Video length is just under 14 minutes