Yummy Mummy Tummy

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Having a difficult time losing weight and getting a firm midsection after giving birth?

Learn how to get a flat stomach like Joanne Villablanca. She stays fit as a young mom with a lovely daughter. With Jose's credentials as a personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach and Joanne's personal experience, you can follow their program together to get that yummy, fit, flat mummy tummy.

In this program, you will receive a very detailed 8 week exercise program together with some nutrition and lifestyle tips as a PDF download filled with quality information all in an absorbable, simplified format of 28 pages.


  • how to exercise the core with all three planes of motions
  • exercises to target different parts of the abdominal muscles
  • proper execution and common mistakes of each exercise and 
  • tempo, sets, rep range, rest period of each exercise
  • how pregnancy distends the abdominal wall
  • categories of abdominal exercises
  • how abdominal exercises can worsen your posture